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Crypto currency transaction

Currently, the crypto currency attracted attention and deal more and more It is getting on.

Those who are trading crypto currency for the first time

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If you would like to see information on various crypto currencies, please click the crypto currency information.

Basic information

If you are starting crypto currency transaction for the first time, please read it.
Also, if you are already trading, if you do not have much knowledge about the crypto currency, please read it.


We are introducing coins handled with exchanges in Japan.
We also introduce cards that can be used for payment and ATM in crypto currency.

We also posted overseas exchanges dealing with numerous coins.
Since the fraud exchanges may come up in the top search results when searching overseas exchanges on Google,
It is recommended to register from this link.

WebWallet's site is also posted.
We also posted sites that can investigate whether the development of coins planned for purchase is active or under development.

ICO information

Information on ortho coins before listing on the crypto currency exchange.
We will also describe information about that ortho coin from how to buy in cloud sales.

Although the ICO of the coin thought that the manager is suspicious is not to be put on,
If you do not list the ortho coin before listing it may end without listing, so please be careful when purchasing.

Crypto currency information

We have developed a convenient crypto currency database search engine which can be searched by crypto currency function.

Crypto currency search English version

We are planning to add data as needed.

Information on various kinds of virtual currencies, orthocoin, Token, such as bit coin, etheryam, nem, risk, etc. are stated.
I plan to translate the coin's white paper at random from time to time.
It is content that everyone seems to use mainly.
Translation is done by the administrator of this HP, If you have any inquiries about contents etc, Please email to

Donation (YIcreate's ICO)

We are looking into ICO to advance content site creation.

HP development situation will also be up.
We are currently looking for a development team.
Applicants should read the details and mail.

Please inform us of details of alliance, sponsor contract etc by e-mail.


When creating an account and logging in, Bitcoin's current price at BitFlyer.
The current price of all currencies in BITTREX can be seen in both bitcoin and yen buildings.

We plan to enrich various other functions, so please use it by all means.
Of course it is free.

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Our sites is being read by many Japanese who are interested in cryptocurrency purchase.

We are also accepting partnerships and advertisements,
so please feel free to send me an e-mail with conditions.